Summary of Planning section

Hennen Library Consulting helps libraries develop plans for the future. We can help whether you want to develop a strategic long-range plan for the first time or to revise a prior plan.  We can help when you meet the challenges planned or unforeseen circumstances whether those have to do with library facilities or structural change.  We frequently partner with Consensus,  a Kansas City based consulting firm with over 30 years of experience in public policy consulting.

Our strategic planning work uses metric data but it is not data driven.  It is client driven and goal oriented.  We are very familiar with the PLA Planning for Results process and use many of its components.  In our experience, however, there is a danger that libraries using this PLA process may get too involved with debating the service responses and developing outcomes to develop that plan they really need.  We prefer the more metrics oriented process in Hennen’s Public Library Planner.

We are experienced with governance options studies.  A governance options study looks at the current governance and funding of a library or libraries with an eye to structural change.  That could be merging 2 or more libraries in a taxing district, consolidating a number of libraries in a federation into a single county or district operation, or a wide number of other governance options.  Tom Hennen can approach such studies with both theoretical and practical components.   He has over 40 years of experience.  That experience included a number of governance options.  Some he initiated, others were imposed on the library systems by other forces.

Our work is characterized by the use of visual communication of complex data using maps and graphic data such as pie and line charts.  Expect informative PowerPoint presentations to go with the more detailed written reports we prepare in a planning project.  Our work often includes planning for buildings, library standards, and GASB requirements.  This site includes some of the parts of Hennen’s planning book as listed below:

  1. Planning Steps outlines our step-by-step plan for a planning process.
  2. District or Joint Library Plans includes important information for library planners to consider.
  3. Policy Inventory includes an inventory of policies that should be checked when developing a plan.
  4. Impact Fees covers a potential source for building funds for libraries in growing communities

See also plans we have done in the Clients section of this site.