This page summarozes the research, planning, and evaluation of public library services that we have conducted in the past, are currently conducting, or hope to do in the future.  The work that we do is distinguished by the graphic presentation of data,  We use  maps, pie charts, line graphs and more to present data to libary stakeholders.  We call that metrics on this site.  We believe that using data (or metrics) matters for library development, as demonstrated by HAPLR 1.0 and 2.0.  That belief is demonstrated in our consulting and publications.

Research, Planning, Evaluation

  1. Consulting Reports: A slide show highlighting some of our consulting reports.
  2. HAPLR 1.0 and 2.0: We changed the acronym from Hennen’s American Public Library Ratings (HAPLR) to Hennen’s American Public Library Research.  We added the 2.0 to distinguish the two.
  3. HAPLR 1.0 ratings were discontinued after 2010 edition.
  4. HAPLR 2.0 provides customized reports for libraries and groups of libraries.  The consulting emphasizes graphic visualizations of library data that allows libraries to compare their performance to peers.
  5. Long Range Planning.  We emphasize using national data for comparison of a library or group of libraries to selected peers.  We have consulted with scores of libraries on strategic long range plans.
  6. Governance Options studies: From time to time, whether forced by their current governing bodies or because of professional concern, libraries consider changing the manner in which they are funded and governed.  We have engaged in a number of such studies, some of which resulted in major changes.
  7. Building Assessments: When it is time for a new or remodeled building, libraries have turned to us for advice on how to move forward.
  8. Library Impact Fees:  Some states allow a property assessment on new construction..  The theory is that new residents will place an added demand on the building, equipment, and collection.  Impact fees can help and we can help you set them up.
  9. Library Standards.  Many states have advisory or mandatory library standards.  Tom Hennen had more experience than most.  The county library system he ran in Wisconsin was one of only three in the state of Wisconsin with mandatory standars.
  10. GASB: The Government Accountability Standards Board (GASB) requirements have caused trouble for many libraries, often as a surprise.  We are not accounts but we do advise on important GASB issues.
  11. Presentations: For over 40 years, Tom Hennen has made presentations on library topics to libraries and library associations in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.  

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