Hennen Library Consulting on Best Practice Libraries

Report on Hingham Public Library for Altoona Project 2017:  Questions Questions and Answers from Best Practices Library – Hingham Public Library Director Linda Harper (Plymouth County MA)

In 2017, Hennen Library Consulting and Consensus conducted research on Altoona Public Library in Iowa.  During that process, we narrowed the field using metric data.  Starting with over 9,000 public libraries, we winnowed the field down to 17 Best Practice Libraries.  This is described in a Metrics Report (Altoona Metrics Report 2017),  The intent was to find libraries that might be able to provide clues about “Best Practices” for library services as Altoona developed a long-range plan for 2018 to 2020.  From those 17 we selected 4 to interview.  In the process we discovered that Hingham Public Library (MA) has an exceptionally complete and current long-range plan.  Library Director Linda Harper answered the many questions we had quite fully.  We asked specific questions of two types:

  • metrics data we presented from the past 20 years demonstrating exceptional library service compared to Hingham’s peers
  • specific questions on some of the objectives that the library developed in its 2016 to 2020 Plan that seemed pertinent to Altoona’s planning efforts.

Note that neither Hennen Library Consulting nor Consensus had anything to do with developing these plans.  We found them becuase we identified Hingham by using HAPLR 2.0 metrics to find Best Practice Libraries in the 10,000 to 25,000 population category of U.S. libraries. We were very impressed with these plans.  Hingham Public Library’s plans are available at the links below: