Campbell County Library System asked Hennen Library Consulting to prepare a HAPLR 2.0 Metric Study for Campbell County Public Library. The reports evaluated how Campbell County Library compares to similar libraries throughout the country. 

The research included three phases and three separate reports published in April, May, and June of 2019:

Link to PDF format of  Phase 1 HLC for Campbell Co. Libr. April 2019

This was a broad comparison of current and historical data for over 9,000 U.S. libraries using the HAPLR 2.0 methodology developed by Hennen Library Consulting.  The report relied on data compiled by individual libraries throughout the U.S. by state libraries and the federal government’s Institute for Museums and Library Services (IMLS).  This report used the most recent IMLS dataset. The resulting report, “HAPLR 2.0 Metric Study for Campbell County Public Library” was submitted on April 17, 2019.

Link to PDF format of  Phase 2 HLC for Campbell Co. Libr. May 2019

This research resulted in the report titledBest Practice Libraries Report for Campbell County Library System.The research was designed to find libraries with extraordinary performance data with the intent of asking directors at “Best Practice Libraries” for insights on how they achieved their extraordinary performance measures.  We again used broad category comparisons as well as historical data for the comparison report.  All the libraries chosen for comparison were chosen because their performance measures outpaced Campbell County’s.  We chose them to seek best practices that Campbell County can emulate.  Each of the selected libraries has high levels of some or all of the input and output measures we investigated.  Not surprisingly, no one library is best in class for all the measures.  After an extensive search, we narrowed the field to just a 14 of the over 9,000 libraries in the U.S.  Based on further examination of the metrics, we chose 4 of those libraries for further examination. (See Section 2 of that report for a further discussion of the methodology.)  The libraries and directors chosen for this report were:

Link to PDF format of  Phase 3 HLC for Campbell Co. Libr. June 2019

This research resulted in the report, “Best Practice Libraries’ Responses to Questionnaires for Campbell County Public Library.”  It contains the answers to the 21 questions asked of the directors of the 4 chosen libraries. Hennen Library Consulting worked with Campbell County Library Director J.C. Morgan and his administrative staff to prepare questionnaires tailored to the specific findings of our research for each of these directors.  Section 2 includes a brief description of Campbell County Library and the associated HAPLR 2.0 metric data for the library.