From HAPLR to HAPLR 2.0

We are retiring and closing this site. 

You may have arrived here looking for HAPLR ratings.  The library world was familiar with HAPLR (Hennen’s American Public Library Ratings) from 1999 until we discontinued HAPLR 1.0 in 2010.  We launched Hennen Library Consulting in 2004 to respond to requests related to the ratings.  In 2017, we launched Hennen’s American Public Library Research.  The change meant changing to HAPLR 2.0.

  • Wayback Machine:  HAPLR 1.0 ratings were discontinued after 2010 edition.  Previous editions of Version 1.0 are available at the Wayback Machine.  Simply type the following into the search box:
  • HAPLR 2.0 is still in development.  This section includes samples of the research, metrics, and reports that we have done or plan to do.
  • HAPLR 1.0:  Has 1) a description of how the ratings worked, 2) a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, and 3) a list of the libraries that made the top 10 list for their population category in each of the 10 years of the ratings.