Strategic Long Range Plans, Governance Options Studies and Building Assessments

This part of the site provides an overview of the methods that  Hennen Library Consulting uses when conducting planning and evaluation studies.  It includes links and samples of our work in these areas.  Follow the links for more information on each type of consulting and for examples of our work.

Long Range Planning: We are familiar with the Public Library Association’s Planning for Results and use some of its principles but, not surprisingly, we also use the methods described in Hennen’s Public Library Planner.  We are data driven but client friendly.  Our reports present complex data in visually appealing ways.

Building Assessments:  We help libraries assess building needs and costs.  We do not provide architectural drawings or detailed building plans but we do help libraries with space needs assessments, ADA compliance, technology inventories, and more.

Governance Options Studies: A governance options study looks at the current governance and funding of a library or libraries with an eye to structural change.  That could be merging 2 or more libraries in a taxing district, consolidating a number of libraries in a federation into a single county or district operation, or a wide number of other governance options.  We approach such studies both theoretically and very practically.   Tom Hennen has over 40 years of experience in libraries. That experience included a number of governance options.  Some he initiated, others were imposed on the library systems by other forces.