Hennen Library Consulting


Public library planning, evaluation, and development is what we do.  The library world has known HAPLR (Hennen’s American Public Library Ratings) from 1999 until we discontinued HAPLR 1.0 in 2010.  We launched Hennen Library Consulting in 2004 to respond to requests related to the ratings.  That was the same year Tom published his public library planning book. In 2017, we launched HAPLR 2.0 (Hennen’s American Public Library Research).  The change from Ratings to Research meant changing to HAPLR 2.0.  This site highlights the research and consulting that we do.  In 2017, Tom and Valerie celebrated 45 years of marriage.  We are passionate about one another as well as about libraries.

The video below is a sample of HAPLR 2.0.